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Vendor Item Description Expenditures Transactions
Milliman, Inc.1ST QTR 2007 RETAINER FEE$10,115.261
Milliman, Inc.2011 ACTUARIAL VALUATION$2,423.251
Milliman, Inc.2013 ACTUARIAL VALUATION$3,584.751
Milliman, Inc.2015 ACTUARIAL VALUATION$9,635.221
Milliman, Inc.2016 ACTUARIAL VALUATION$4,488.001
Milliman, Inc.2ND QTR 2007 RETAINER FEE$7,500.001
Milliman, Inc.3RD QTR 2007 RETAINER FEE$7,500.001
Milliman, Inc.4TH QTR 2006 RETAINER FEE$7,500.001
Milliman, Inc.APR-JUN 2007 CONSULTING$8,776.751
Milliman, Inc.APR-JUN 2009 CONSULTING$6,910.501
Milliman, Inc.DEC-FEB 2007 CONSULTING$4,842.501
Milliman, Inc.DEC-MAY 2008 CONSULTING$5,527.251
Milliman, Inc.JUL-APR 2010 CONSULTING$5,376.001
Milliman, Inc.JUL-NOV 2006 CONSULTING$16,558.701
Milliman, Inc.JUL-NOV 2007 CONSULTING$14,429.001
Milliman, Inc.JUN-SEP 2008 CONSULTING$7,696.251
Milliman, Inc.MAR 2007 CONSULTING FEES$2,151.251
Milliman, Inc.MAY-AUG 2010 CONSULTING$12,243.251
Milliman, Inc.OCT-MAR 2009 CONSULTING$8,741.751
Milliman, Inc.RETIREE-GASB 45 REPORT$10,015.002
Milliman, Inc.SEP-MAR 2011 CONSULTING$2,499.751
Total $158,514.43 22