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Vendor Item Description Expenditures Transactions
AT&T MobilityAPR 2009 WIRELESS SERV$120.611
AT&T MobilityAPR 2010 WIRELESS SERV$116.761
AT&T MobilityAPR 2011 WIRELESS SERV$117.451
AT&T MobilityAPR 2012 WIRELESS SERV$118.581
AT&T MobilityAPR 2013 WIRELESS SERV$117.231
AT&T MobilityAPR 2014 WIRELESS SERV$51.721
AT&T MobilityAPR 2015 WIRELESS SERVICE$53.551
AT&T MobilityAPR 2016 WIRELESS SERVICE$52.351
AT&T MobilityAUG 2008 WIRELESS SERV$118.221
AT&T MobilityAUG 2009 WIRELESS SERV$126.321
AT&T MobilityAUG 2010 WIRELESS SERV$117.531
AT&T MobilityAUG 2011 WIRELESS SERV$117.461
AT&T MobilityAUG 2012 WIRELESS SERV$117.461
AT&T MobilityAUG 2013 WIRELESS SERV$117.231
AT&T MobilityAUG 2014 WIRELESS SERVICE$53.551
AT&T MobilityAUG 2015 WIRELESS SERVICE$53.551
AT&T MobilityAUG 2016 WIRELESS SERVICE$52.801
AT&T MobilityDEC 2008 WIRELESS SERV$119.581
AT&T MobilityDEC 2009 WIRELESS SERV$121.421
AT&T MobilityDEC 2010 WIRELESS SERV$117.001
AT&T MobilityDEC 2011 WIRELESS SERV$117.001
AT&T MobilityDEC 2012 WIRELESS SERV$117.001
AT&T MobilityDEC 2013 WIRELESS SERV$103.441
AT&T MobilityDEC 2014 WIRELESS SERVICE$53.551
AT&T MobilityFEB 2009 WIRELESS SERV$125.281
AT&T MobilityFEB 2010 WIRELESS SERV$121.641
AT&T MobilityFEB 2011 WIRELESS SERV$117.231
AT&T MobilityFEB 2012 WIRELESS SERV$118.371
AT&T MobilityFEB 2013 WIRELESS SERV$117.001
AT&T MobilityFEB 2014 WIRELESS SERV$103.641
AT&T MobilityFEB 2015 WIRELESS SERVICE$54.151
AT&T MobilityFEB 2016 WIRELESS SERVICE$52.351
AT&T MobilityJAN 2008 WIRELESS SERV$120.501
AT&T MobilityJAN 2010 WIRELESS SERV$116.641
AT&T MobilityJAN 2011 WIRELESS SERV$117.231
AT&T MobilityJAN 2012 WIRELESS SERV$118.601
AT&T MobilityJAN 2013 WIRELESS SERV$117.001
AT&T MobilityJAN 2014 WIRELESS SERV$103.441
AT&T MobilityJAN 2015 WIRELESS SERVICE$53.551
AT&T MobilityJAN 2016 WIRELESS SERVICE$52.351
AT&T MobilityJUL 2013 WIRELESS SERV$117.451
AT&T MobilityJUL 2014 WIRELESS SERV$53.551
AT&T MobilityJUL 2015 WIRELESS SERVICE$53.551
AT&T MobilityJUL 2016 WIRELESS SERVICE$52.801
AT&T MobilityJULY 2008 WIRELESS SERV$131.641
AT&T MobilityJULY 2009 WIRELESS SERV$120.641
AT&T MobilityJULY 2010 WIRELESS SERV$117.301
AT&T MobilityJULY 2011 WIRELESS SERV$117.901
AT&T MobilityJULY 2012 WIRELESS SERV$117.231
AT&T MobilityJUN 2013 WIRELESS SERV$61.441
AT&T MobilityJUN 2014 WIRELESS SERV$51.721
AT&T MobilityJUN 2015 WIRELESS SERVICE$53.551
AT&T MobilityJUN 2016 WIRELESS SERVICE$52.351
AT&T MobilityJUNE 2009 WIRELESS SERV$120.161
AT&T MobilityJUNE 2010 WIRELESS SERV$116.761
AT&T MobilityJUNE 2011 WIRELESS SERV$118.161
AT&T MobilityJUNE 2012 WIRELESS SERV$117.231
AT&T MobilityMAR 2009 WIRELESS SERV$119.161
AT&T MobilityMAR 2010 WIRELESS SERV$121.641
AT&T MobilityMAR 2011 WIRELESS SERV$117.451
AT&T MobilityMAR 2012 WIRELESS SERV$117.461
AT&T MobilityMAR 2013 WIRELESS SERV$117.001
AT&T MobilityMAR 2014 WIRELESS SERV$51.721
AT&T MobilityMAR 2015 WIRELESS SERVICE$53.551
AT&T MobilityMAR 2016 WIRELESS SERVICE$52.351
AT&T MobilityMAY 2009 WIRELESS SERV$120.161
AT&T MobilityMAY 2010 WIRELESS SERV$116.761
AT&T MobilityMAY 2011 WIRELESS SERV$117.461
AT&T MobilityMAY 2012 WIRELESS SERV$120.171
AT&T MobilityMAY 2013 WIRELESS SERV$118.381
AT&T MobilityMAY 2014 WIRELESS SERV$52.121
AT&T MobilityMAY 2015 WIRELESS SERVICE$53.751
AT&T MobilityMAY 2016 WIRELESS SERVICE$52.551
AT&T MobilityNOV 2008 WIRELESS SERV$119.581
AT&T MobilityNOV 2009 WIRELESS SERV$120.521
AT&T MobilityNOV 2010 WIRELESS SERV$117.461
AT&T MobilityNOV 2011 WIRELESS SERV$117.231
AT&T MobilityNOV 2013 WIRELESS SERV$103.841
AT&T MobilityNOV 2014 WIRELESS SERVICE$53.751
AT&T MobilityNOV 2015 WIRELESS SERVICE$52.351
AT&T MobilityNOV 2016 WIRELESS SERVICE$53.001
AT&T MobilityNOV 2O12 WIRELESS SERV$117.001
AT&T MobilityOCT 2008 WIRELESS SERV$119.581
AT&T MobilityOCT 2009 WIRELESS SERV$120.521
AT&T MobilityOCT 2010 WIRELESS SERV$117.301
AT&T MobilityOCT 2011 WIRELESS SERV$117.001
AT&T MobilityOCT 2012 WIRELESS SERV$117.001
AT&T MobilityOCT 2013 WIRELESS SERV$103.441
AT&T MobilityOCT 2014 WIRELESS SERVICE$53.551
AT&T MobilityOCT 2015 WIRELESS SERVICE$52.351
AT&T MobilityOCT 2016 WIRELESS SERVICE$52.801
AT&T MobilitySEP 2008 WIRELESS SERV$113.221
AT&T MobilitySEP 2009 WIRELESS SERV$125.421
AT&T MobilitySEP 2010 WIRELESS SERV$117.301
AT&T MobilitySEP 2011 WIRELESS SERV$117.001
AT&T MobilitySEP 2012 WIRELESS SERV$117.451
AT&T MobilitySEP 2013 WIRELESS SERV$105.041
AT&T MobilitySEP 2016 WIRELESS SERVICE$53.001
AT&T MobilitySEPT 2014 WIRELESS SERVICE$53.751
AT&T MobilitySEPT 2015 WIRELESS SERVICE$52.351
Total $9,618.24 100