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Vendor Item Description Expenditures Transactions
Arch WirelessAPR 2007 PAGER SERVICE$179.691
Arch WirelessAUG 2007 PAGER SERVICE$187.001
Arch WirelessDEC 2006 PAGER SERVICE$179.141
Arch WirelessFEB 2007 PAGER SERVICE$179.201
Arch WirelessJAN 2007 PAGER SERVICE$181.891
Arch WirelessJULY 2007 PAGER SERVICE$189.741
Arch WirelessJUNE 2007 PAGER SERVICE$182.391
Arch WirelessMAR 2007 PAGER SERVICE$181.891
Arch WirelessMAY 2007 PAGER SERVICE$179.691
Arch WirelessSEP 2007 PAGER SERVICE$189.811
Total $1,830.44 10