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Vendor Expenditures Transactions
12964 St. Charles Rock Road$706.001
2007 Mo Valley Fire Chiefs Conference$250.001
2nd Wind Exercise Equipment, Inc.$560.001
2nd Wind Exercise, Inc.$210.001
A. S. Miller$139,142.13129
AAA Vacuum South$766.3012
AAA Vacuum South County$807.9612
Aamco Engineering, Inc$244.632
Aaron Hilmer$23,910.39144
Aaron P. Roediger$270.001
Aauter Sullivan LLC-Trust$105.441
Account Management Resources$63.111
Acid Remap, LLC$1,750.001
Acquisition Services, Inc.$3,900.003
ACT, Inc./Applied Combustion Tech, Inc.$3,983.002
Action Hydraulic Inc.$1,425.601
Action Training Systems, Inc.$1,660.001
Adam Baumgartner$30.461
Adam Coughlin$174.251
Adam Hagar$2,565.582
Address Mate$627.502
ADP Screening & Selection Services$7,784.4039
Advance Auto Parts$352.018
Advanced Automotive Electric & Repair$8,161.046
Advanced Data Systems$3,179.253
Advantica Admin. Svcs., Inc.$17,549.2111
Advisor Media, Inc.$198.002
AED Brands$958.801
Aetna Better Health of Missouri LLC$857.643
Affton Lawn Equipment, Inc.$3,474.956
Affton Radiator & A/C Service$126.671
Aftra Health Plan$396.921
AIA St. Louis Bookstore$16.001
Air Evac EMS, Inc.$420.002
Air Hydraulics & Industrial Supply$15.691
Air Hydraulics Co. Inc.$125.252
Air Hydraulics Co., Inc.$2,944.6020
Air-Hydraulics Co., Inc.$3,841.9533
Airgas Mid America$35,304.30298
Airgas USA, LLC$54,890.00239
Ajax Tool Works, Inc.$110.252
Al's South Co Radiator$1,740.002
Al's South County Radiator$11,943.5013
Alert-All Corp.$8,609.007
Alex Air Apparatus, Inc.$1,566.543
All About Glass, Inc.$5,292.5430
Alliance Medical$9,939.1329
Allied Health Continuing Education$70.002
Allied Waste Services #346$6,871.8444
Allied Waste Services#346$8,956.3719
Allstate Fire Casualty Ins. Co.$712.501
Alton Memorial Hospital$75.001
Amber Reichley$143.161
Ambetter from Home State Health$484.481
Ameren Missouri$561,048.14886
America First Insurance Co.$4,853.002
American Burglary & Fire$1,545.0018
American Burglary & Fire, Inc.$23,352.45200
American Firehouse Furniture, LLC$10,633.503
American Heritage Life Ins. Co.$115,699.32116
American Industrial Radiator LLC$495.001
American Mobile Power Services, Inc.$2,571.171
American Remediation and Restoration Ser$1,124.003
American United Life Insurance Co.$117,732.2315
Amy Hrin$123.001
Andre Dickerson$580.003
Andre's Banquet Facilities$1,670.403
Andre's Banquet Facility$1,800.006
Andre's Banquet Hall$500.002
Anetta V. Miller$100.001
Ann M. Varrone$89.311
Anne Yard$396.626
Anthem BCBS$1,406.003
Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield$5,125,844.3175
Anthony Burris$315.003
Antonio McWherter$220.001
Aramark Refreshment$8,615.0839
Arch Way International$284.002
Arch Wireless$1,830.4410
Archimages Architecture$111,121.8415
Archimages, Inc.$473,431.4697
Archway Lighting Supply$11,810.3490
Area Metropolitan Ambulance Authority$3,000.001
Arnold Rental Center$1,779.9120
Arrow Drain & Sewer$2,810.2510
Arrow International, Inc.$51,222.2939
Arthur Waggoner$255.361
Associated Engineered$60.001
Associated Engineered Systems$19,126.7717
Assurant Employee Benefit$110,576.8424
Assurant Employee Benefits$260,673.9823
AT & T$91,731.48412
AT&T Datacomm$2,748.001
AT&T Missouri$5,906.011
AT&T Mobility$9,618.24100
Athletico Physical Therapy$200.002
Austin Hardware & Supply$171.841
Austin Hardware & Supply, Inc.$306.921
Authorized Electric Co.$820.001
Authorized Elevator$46.001
Auto Glass Depot Inc.$230.001
Auto Tire Car Care Center$168.754
Automatic Fire Alarm Assoc.$25.001
AUTOTIRE # 944$1,599.365
AUTOTIRE # 945$3,983.9919
Autotire #935$37.701
AUTOTIRE (TELEGRAPH 526)$1,831.177
B&N Signs, Inc.$550.001
Bade Roofing Co., Inc.$6,300.007
Baker's Ice Company, Inc.$1,694.3623
Banner Fire Equipment, Inc.$1,715,447.46493
Barnard Stamp Company$837.0319
Battalion Three, Inc.$11,038.1839
Batteries Plus #268$3,160.6942
Batteries Plus #269$2,517.4920
Batteries Plus Bulbs #268$2,512.9831
Battery Zone$89.281
Beishir Key & Lock$339.5710
Beishir Lock & Security$4,186.7199
Bell City Battery Mfg.$795.962
Belleville News-Democrat$450.501
Bemes, Inc.$110,153.35165
Berkel, Edwin$9,261.9033
Bertha Counts$90.421
Best Cabinets, Inc.$370.002
Bill Barrett$450.341
Bill's Wrecker Service, Inc.$400.001
Billy Borders$67.721
Bissell Frame & Axle Co.$6,960.001
Blue Cross Blue Shield Federal$588.001
Blue Cross Blue Shield of Illinois$624.561
Blue Cross Blue Shield of Kansas City$642.501
Blue Line$10,320.002
BMO Harris Bank N.A.$952.005
BMO Harris Bank NA$3,259.0020
Bo Beuckman West County$1,390.061
Board of Election Comm.$56,799.471
Board of Election Commissioners$132,242.314
Bob Weisbrod$200.001
Bommarito Chevrolet-Mazda South, Inc$9,154.6846
Bommarito Pontiac-Mazda South, Inc$690.296
Bonnie C. Stegman$34,312.54224
Bound Tree Medical, LLC$576,982.92654
Boyer Fire Protection$1,440.007
Brad Wideman$345.502
Bradley Meyer$1,858.661
Bradley Wideman$100.001
Brandon Meyer$1,791.881
Brannans Marine & Motorsports$1,359.797
Breg International$143.541
Breher, Gregory$2,059.2712
Brendan Robbins$595.001
Brett Koeger$41.501
Brian Bond$2,435.725
Brian Gebert$325.001
Brian Hendricks$4,546.4535
Brian LaRochelle$2,500.001
Brian Reinhardt$13,475.395
Brian Torno$675.003
Briem Engineering$3,800.001
Brightergy, LLC$282,119.0014
Brindlee Mountain Fire Apparatus$5,450.003
Brown & Crouppen$107.501
Brunetti/Pesc-Co., Inc.$21,859.43145
Buildingstars Operations, Inc.$89,484.0078
Burger Law Firm$136.251
Busch and Associates, LLC$117.801
Business Card$642,249.40143
Business Information Technologies$4,570.181
Busy Bee Paving$1,445.001
By His Hands, LLC$65.001
C & C Auto Care, LLC$350.003
C & C Enterprises$600.001
Cabela's Retail, Inc.$5,398.441
Cahokia Fire Dept. Firefighters Fund$200.001
Call Publishing, Inc.$232,367.8476
Callisto Communications, L.L.C.$1,302.351
CANBERRA Industries, Inc.$388.081
Capital Returns, Inc.$312.853
Car-X Auto Service$743.613
Card Imaging$6,433.959
Card Services$699,375.91144
Cardiac Science Corp.$45,740.3355
Cardinal Glennon Children's Hospital$725.002
Cardinal Portable Buildings$6,264.003
Care Improvement Plus$434.182
Careerbuilder, LLC$419.001
CareFusion 203$785.954
CareFusion 203, Inc.$113,736.252
Caribee Sign Co.$42,685.73180
Carl Haiser$237.502
Carl Spinner$78.781
Carla Juelfs$1,871.1921
Carla L. Boos$100.001
Carol Jean White$71.101
Carol Lucas$56.811
Carol Schneiders$25.001
Carpet Technology Cleaning Systems, Inc.$3,749.751
CARQUEST Auto Parts$648.517
CARQUEST Auto Parts Stores$118.061
Catherine S. Enz Consulting, LLC$62,000.0025
Cathy Hogan$60.001
CCL Supply, LLC$178.711
CDS Office Technologies$1,096.003
CDW Computer Centers, Inc$2,656.001
CDW Government$63,657.9124
CDW Government, Inc.$19,857.2918
CE Solutions$27,892.5022
Cee Kay Supply Inc.$4,156.4342
Cee Kay Supply, Inc.$501.041
Ceiling Center, Inc.$266.001
Ceiling Supply, Inc.$495.581
Celia Reals$69.151
Center for Education & Employment Law$144.951
Central County Emergency 9-1-1$4,455,009.1612
Central Power Systems & Services$2,355.301
Central States Thermo$317.991
Central States Thermo King$1,884.346
Century Credit Union$154,141.0070
Certified Laboratories$1,207.125
Charlene Mascalco$50.001
Charles Foresyth$454.003
Charles R. Hagen$1,118.754
Charlie Foresyth$975.456
Charlotte M Terry$84.591
Charter Communications$64,493.46469
Chemco Industries, Inc.$928.065
Chesterfield Fence & Deck Co. Inc.$27,302.002
Chief Supply Corp.$11,064.4610
Chris Francis$512.503
Christie C. Pickrell, MD$115,000.0023
Christopher Bosche, MD$435,754.00120
Christopher, Mark$2,539.714
Chuck Kneff$44.791
Chuck Sheppard$78.001
CI Select$5,345.173
Cigna Healthcare$1,326,025.5623
Cigna Life Insurance Company$414.392
CiNet - Company 004$6,874.511
Cintas Corporation #731$2,865.5034
Circuit Clerks Office$1,760.973
CitiShred LLC$521.002
City Graphics$22,169.642
City House L.C.$1,474.401
City of Clayton$10.001
City of Sunset Hills$50.001
Civil Engineering Design Consultants$10,439.776
CK Power$7,722.8611
CK Power Products Corp.$2,969.206
Clarke Power Services, Inc$137,725.8837
Clarke Power Services,Inc$9,195.2615
Clayton Walk$1,160.005
CleanServ Incorporated$5,300.005
CleanServ, Inc$54,598.1652
CLIA Laboratory Program$900.006
Clinical Collection$15,805.1014
Clinical Collection Management Inc.$51,268.9849
Clinical Collection Management, Inc.$35,259.9764
Clinical Neurology, Inc.$820.001
Clinton Zolman$750.001
CMC Rescue, Inc.$17,051.306
Coast to Coast Equipment$50,817.78152
Coastal Training Technologies Corp.$1,453.181
Code 3$103.001
Coleman Htg & Sheet Metal$741.502
Collector of Revenue,$1,027.021
Combined Clinical Conf.$630.002
Commair, Inc.$1,421.331
Commercial Electric Motor$342.643
Commercial Electric Motor Service$1,086.899
Comp-U-Help Computers$347,199.06162
Compassionate Healthcare of SL, Inc.$600.002
Concentric Sourcing$1,322.613
Concord Auto Body$2,113.921
Concord Carquest$154.936
Concord Publishing House, Inc.$141.122
Concord Wash & Detail$1,399.2045
Constance M. Barton$10.001
Contractor's Welding, Inc.$2,892.6112
Corey M. Simons$285.001
Corey Meyer$142.321
Corey Stewart$510.002
Corporate Billing, LLC$7,529.6221
Cory Ellis$500.001
Coventry Health Care$4,212.8012
Coventry Health Care of Mo. Inc$1,985,162.0924
Coventry Health Care Plans$612.501
CPI Technologies, Inc$1,202.002
Crabapple Cove Nursery$178.873
Crabapple Cove Nursery, Inc.$144.082
Craig P. Walk$3,506.6733
Craig Simhauser$2,573.781
Crawford, Bunte, Brammeier$36,818.9312
Credit Collections, Inc.$174.592
Crescent Parts & Equip Co$10,029.8293
Crest Industries, Inc.$951.013
Crestmark Commercial Capital Lending$589.001
Creve Coeur Camera, Inc.$968.0418
Creve Coeur Fire Protection District$250.001
Cris Burch$595.001
Criteria Corp.$1,140.001
Critical Information Network, LLC$13,750.002
Croft Trailer$285.601
Crowder Construction, Inc.$7,525.001
CSI Telecommunications$1,923.003
CSTK St. Louis$11,989.6425
CT-Innovations - St. Louis$3,805.562
Cummins Inc.$8,124.0618
Cummins Mid-South L.L.C.$17,743.5727
Customized Firefighter Training, Inc.$10,170.001
Cygnus Business Media$1,950.003
D & D Wreck Rebuilders$10,798.784
Dale Sign Service, Inc.$2,398.0011
DALO Glass Tinting$498.001
Dan Rosenthal$78.001
Daniel C. Ottoline, Sr.$183.342
Daniel Furrer$7,133.2815
Daniel LaFata$27,175.2936
Daniel P. Schroeder$2,490.0025
Darren Knight$287.503
Darren Plogger$41.501
Dave Mungenast Motorsports$88.491
Dave Schmidt Truck Service Inc.$37.081
Dave Sinclair Ford$58,362.1351
David Carter$2,572.492
David Gruber$1,944.001
David Hentrich$3,945.3025
David J. Sebek$510.001
David Roselli$25.001
David Waser$699.024
David Wideman$8,086.5315
Dawson Consulting & Services LLC$650.001
DBA Q & Q Nails$541.933
DCS Waste Systems, Inc.$28,081.04121
Dean Meenach$1,455.008
Defender Industries, Inc.$2,593.111
Degel Truck Center, Inc.$122,150.4429
Dell Marketing L.P.$22,522.001
Delta Dental$32,261.683
Delta Dental of Missouri$196,888.9516
Delta Dental of MO$54,420.005
Delta Gases, Inc.$361.161
Dennis Maag$332.614
Dept. of Planning, St. Louis County$150.001
Dept. of the Treasury-VA$450.961
Detroit Industrial Tool$311.791
Devin Clary$112.501
Dickinson Hussman Architects$12,186.002
Diestelkamp Const. Co., Inc.$1,460,396.6811
Digital Combustion, Inc.$1,587.002
Digital Expressions LLC$926.502
Disney Educational Productions$19.981
Dive Stop LLC$825.003
Diversified Commercial Services, Inc.$1,455.0011
Document & Network Technoligies, Inc.$795.001
Document & Network Technologies, Inc.$130.001
Don Brown Chevrolet$218,389.006
Don Darr Chevrolet, Inc.$161.292
Donna F. Lainoff$697.501
Donna Forgy$14,223.105
Donna White$28.921
Door Controls St. Louis$3,569.821
Door Service, Inc.$4,713.836
Dorothy J. Severson$697.501
Doug Stevenson$146.772
Doug Weck$50.001
Douglas D. Villani$56.401
Douglas J. Muich$393.001
Douglas K. Lindhorst$525.001
Douglas L. Stinemetz$245.001
Driveshafts Unlimited$83.102
Duo-Safety Ladder Corp.$497.723
Dutch Hollow Supplies$1,666.001
E & A Trucking LLC$185.641
e-Scan Alliance$71,765.3417
EA Medical$37,020.4125
East Central College$618.002
East-West Gateway Council of Govn.$170.003
Easter Fence, Inc.$23,353.117
EBIX, Inc. (Top Health)$817.442
Ed Roehr Safety Products$37,542.4253
Ed Ryan$2,368.3914
Ed Scognamiglio$495.003
Ed. M Feld Equipment Co., Inc.$278.891
Ed. Roehr Radio Co. Inc.$23,618.1867
EDM Publishers$356.523
EDM Publishers, Inc.$149.001
Edmond J. Ryan$22,686.44155
Edward Jones$200,000.001
Edwin Berkel$4,641.8418
Edwin D. Wolfgram, M.D.$300.001
Electrical Accessories$660.002
Electrical Accessories, Inc.$312.751
Elite Power Solutions L.L.C.$2,999.222
Emergency Medical Products, Inc.$6,658.4519
Emergency Reporting$23,808.0024
Emergency Services Supply$1,762,413.3092
Emergency Vehicle Care Center, LLC$2,895.567
Emergency Vehicle Parts & Products, Inc.$399.861
Emergent Respiratory Products$144.691
EMS Insider$619.003
EMS Legal Services$750.001
EMSAR St. Louis$76,212.52101
Energy Petroleum Co.$1,197,609.592,133
Engine House Training LLC$175.002
Engineered Fire Protection, Inc.$10,310.7226
Engraphix Architectural Signage, Inc.$14,572.006
EPS, Inc.$35.691
Erb Equipment Company$13,701.1820
Ernest Hernady, Trustee$13,926.471
ESO Solutions, Inc.$66,975.505
Essence Healthcare$2,769.5911
ET & C Group LLC$6,575.004
Extendo Bed Company, Inc.$10,245.002
F&C Truck Sales & Service, Inc.$39,906.6314
Fabick Heating & Cooling, LLC$563.502
Fabick Power Systems Inc.$107.112
Fabick Power Systems, Inc.$1,971.164
Factory Motor Parts Co.$24,302.17188
Fahs, Nickolas$193.941
Fairfield Space Advantages$33,013.804
Family Support Payment$110,690.25132
Family Support Payment Center$268,668.28299
Farinella Nursery$125,910.6020
Fassler, Mitchell$60.001
Fast Lane Towing Inc.$630.001
FedEx Kinko's$4,283.3425
FedEx Office$9,109.6442
Feed My People$437.453
Feitek, Inc.$1,238.995
File of Life Foundation, Inc.$194.261
FileMaker, Inc.$27,395.0012
Fink Badge, Inc.$28,743.6929
Fire & Police Selection, Inc.$18,137.323
Fire Apparatus & Emergency Equipment$306.009
Fire Apparatus Journal$61.501
Fire Engineering$444.9015
Fire Facilities$285,745.001
Fire IMS$785.001
Fire Instructor Testing Software LLC$92.001
Fire Marshals Assoc. of MO$540.005
Fire Master Fire Equipment, Inc.$260.003
Fire Protection Publications$834.173
Fire Protection Publicatn$50.631
Fire Safety Education$2,810.002
Fire Safety For Life$627.502
Fire Service Testing Co.$7,520.335
Fire Service Testing Company, Inc.$41,174.0918
Fire Station Outfitters$3,375.001
Firehouse Magazine$24.951
Fitness & Rehab Products$5,100.005
Fitness for All, Inc.$22,110.003
Fitness Showcase$20,645.003
Fitz'z Service, Inc.$1,604.988
Flooring Systems, Inc.$10,586.004
Florissant Valley Fire Protection Dist.$2,055.0029
FMAM Conference$1,300.006
Foremost Promotions$6,640.1913
Forensic Computer Service$500.001
Foster Coach Sales, Inc.$158,430.334
FP Mailing Solutions$2,460.0019
Fran Ann Engraving$3,075.0021
Fran-Ann Engraving$1,236.0010
Franco Emergency Solutions LLC$590.829
Franco Fire Equipment LLC$22,938.1036
Franco Fire Equipment Supply LLC$583.507
Franklin Products$1,673.362
Frasca, Thomas$110.002
Fred Pryor Seminars$507.003
Frederick Trice$63.981
Frontier Flags$5,157.8010
Furrer, Daniel$437.253
G&M Auto Center$250.001
G. Reis Construction$53,141.9612
G.H. Voss Company, Inc.$8,968.001
Galen Trammel$28.921
Galls, An Aramark Company$424.861
Galmiche and Sons Heating and Cooling, I$7,125.001
Gapsch CARSTAR$8,986.944
Garland R. Tschudin$466.881
Garnett Ratliff$415.004
Garry Garrison$60.451
Gary Follon$200.001
Gas Appliance Service LLC$281.332
Gas Appliance Service, LLC$3,534.789
Gateway Cylinder$304.001
Gateway Cylinder Technologies, LLC$75.123
Gateway Fitness Service, LLC$574.993
Gateway Geotechnical, LLC$37,149.1713
Gateway Sewer and Drain, Inc.$3,705.2514
Gateway Spine, LLC$1,250.001
Gear Wash, LLC$202.111
GearGrid Corp.$134.401
Geissler Roofing Co., Inc.$1,325.003
GENCO Healthcare Logistics$250.002
Gencorp Services$2,500.001
General Devices$2,225.002
General Material Co.$1,035.303
General Material Company$7,967.416
Geneva Roth Consulting$1,500.001
Genomind, Inc.$300.001
GFOA of Missouri$280.004
GFOA of MO$50.001
Glas-Tek, Inc.$85.001
Glatzel, Edward$100.001
Glen Sinks$91.502
GME Supply Co.$5,853.752
Go Mobile Now, Inc.$241.221
Go2 Partners$1,110.313
Golterman & Sabo, Inc.$533.001
Gore Perry Gateway & Lipa Reporting$3,780.067
GovConnection, Inc.$637.501
Government Finance Officers Assoc.$3,693.3716
Graham Appraisal Co. LLC$2,500.002
Grantmasters, Inc.$7,300.006
Great American Insurance Co.$727.501
Greater St. Louis Area EMS Officers Asso$10.001
Greater St. Louis Area Fire Chiefs$6,000.0015
Greater St. Louis Region$100.001
Greater St. Louis Region CISM Assoc.$100.001
Greg Breher$546.304
Greg Frederick$41.501
Gregory Breher$7,481.704
Group Health Plan, Inc.$1,378,857.9625
GSLAFCA-Chiefs Assoc.$2,150.006
GSLAFCA-EMS Officer's Association$150.006
GSLAFCA-Training Coordinates$375.003
Guest Services$334.642
H 2 Pro Inc.$24,187.7533
Haefner's Greenhouse$30.241
Haegele Nursery$5,282.4316
Hamilton Jewelers$9,174.006
Hampton, James$369.127
Handy Man True Value$5,068.9716
Handyman Hardware$29,436.08128
Harrison Generator$3,554.872
Harrison Hydra-Gen, Ltd$3,129.332
HealthLink HMO, Inc.$697.501
HealthStream, Inc.$88,920.4411
Healthy Alliance$969.463
Healthy Alliance Life Ins. Co.$457.352
Heather Herbold$270.952
Heather Wehrman$25.001
Henry Schein Inc.$9,379.587
Heritage Pharmaceutical & Medical Suppli$1,500.001
Heritage Pharmaceutical & Medical Supply$405.992
HighOrbit Corporation$300.002
Hill's Auto Parts$1,000.001
Hochschild, Bloom & Co.$52,175.0011
Hochschild, Bloom & Co. LLP$130,163.0020
Hoffman & Slocomb, LLC$328,366.95158
Holly Bulfin$237.053
Holly Knox$1,011.545
Holper's Pest & Animal Solutions$2,025.0016
Home Depot Credit Service$12,107.3252
Home Depot Credit Services$28,747.8488
Honeywell First Responder Products$20,338.905
Horizon Medical Products$12,700.6733
House Electric Company, Inc.$2,537.352
Houska, Inc.$18,061.003
Howard RV Supercenter$118.001
HP Products$2,017.527
HR Certification Institute$100.001
HR Technologies, Inc.$2,975.002
Human Resource Services$19,870.008
Humana Health Care Plans$514.541
Humana Inc.$71.641
Humana, Inc.$219,365.3658
HumanaDental Ins.$20,840.0414
Huson Construction$610.001
IAFC Membership$6,183.0028
IBEW Local No 1$779.244
IESI - MISSOURI$2,662.4426
IFCA Foundation$50.001
IHM Health Studies Center$3,014.197
IKON Office Solutions$31,722.3828
IKON Office Solutions, Inc.$79.831
Indian Auto Sales$96.041
Infinisource, Inc.$1,011.673
Inland Marine, Inc.$300.001
Innotech Products, Ltd.$2,328.071
Int'l Assoc of Arson Investigators$1,470.0010
Integrity Electric, Inc.$2,800.001
Interactive Health Solutions, Inc.$37,200.004
International Code$100.001
International Code Council, Inc.$4,329.9116
Interstate Billing Service, Inc.$7,247.8418
Investor's Title Company$10,000.001
Iolta Lawyers Trust Account$116.401
ISG Infrasys$21,198.9718
J W Buildings$1,620.001
J.E. Foster Building Company$2,462,154.5920
J.J. Welding Service$364.961
Jackson Safety$55.881
James Hampton$53,834.8440
James R. Gender$477.501
James Silvernail$135.871
James Walsh$100.001
Janice D. Crawford$513.001
Janis Miles$25.001
Jared Sarni$1,872.352
Jason Appel$5,361.736
Jean Marlinghaus TTEE$695.421
Jeff Martini$504.991
Jeff Wilkins$65.671
Jefferson Co. Fire Investigation Team$50.001
Jefferson Co. Fire Investigators$225.001
Jefferson County$124.903
Jefferson County Auto Parts$412.744
Jefferson County Communications$13,728.0037
Jefferson County Fire Investigation Team$210.004
Jeffery Mulock$195.001
Jeffrey S. Bauer$1,000.002
Jeremy Prickette$585.003
Jeri Fleschert$185.001
Jerry Doggendorf$300.001
Jerry Ellerbeck$1,375.008
Jim Hampton$8,839.638
Jim Silvernail$2,472.1627
Joan M. Franke$517.001
Joan M. Kalafatich$95.291
Joe Machens Ford$132,836.085
Joe Vaccaro$48.751
Joe Wagner$150.001
Joell R. Mason$50.001
John E. Bielefeld, Jr.$240.001
John Fabick Tractor Co.$28,173.0531
John Henry Foster Co.$546.084
John Jones$116.502
John K. Schindler$1,124.756
John Kalicak Construction, Inc.$204,036.673
John L. Kyle$76.751
John Lipina$5,398.427
John R. Wall$195.001
Johnstone Supply$2,842.7520
Jon Skouby$538.131
Jordin Simmons$450.001
Josef Realty Services$500.001
Joseph Danner$3,000.003
Joseph Minnella, III$292.502
Joseph Schmidt$2,619.736
Joseph Ty Cardona$661.504
Josh Bird$750.001
Journal of Emergency Medical Services$34.001
Joyce Burch$26.731
Joyce Clemens$346.201
Joyce Odom$120.001
Judy Kreider$451.945
Juelfs, Carla$1,251.4416
Julia Harrison$262.001
Justin J. Dawson, Building Inspector$800.001
Justin Whittington$550.001
K & K Car Repair, Inc.$67,220.4496
K&K Supply$5,762.6620
Kansas City Audio-Visual$1,896.001
Kantola Training Solutions$198.001
KARE & THERAPY, INC.$5,575.005
Katherine Rodriguez$100.001
Keith Wildhaber$480.001
Kelly Moran$200.001
Kelly Pettus$23,040.3526
Ken Wenk$471.266
Kenco Fire Equipment, Inc.$4,745.001
Kent Plumbing, Inc.$3,438.872
Kent Plumbing,Inc.$464.902
Kent Snelson$527.915
Kenworth of St. Louis$84,103.9178
Kenworth of St. Louis, Inc.$76,520.5575
Kevin Brennan Landscaping & Tree Service$8,600.0024
Kevin Jarvis$245.001
Kevin Reis$31,607.3533
Kevin Smith$145.012
Kimball Midwest$7,452.3419
Kimberly Schulte$705.001
Kimtek Corporation$3,100.001
Kirkwood Diagnostic & Orthopedic$720.002
Kirkwood Material Supply$1,441.7622
Kitchen Parts Plus$3,242.5961
Knapheide Truck EQ Center$6,807.716
Knight Equipment Company, Inc.$206.411
Knox Company$5,491.004
Kokatat, Inc.$365.262
Kranz Automotive Body Co.$17,067.004
Kristine Kempf$330.942
Kruse Florist and Gift$1,995.5023
Kruse Grimm Brix Florist$2,453.6936
Kyle's Lawn and Landscaping$15,735.0022
La Z Boy Furniture Galleries$3,999.852
La-Z-Boy Furniture$2,399.941
Laboratory Corp. of America Holdings$23.382
Laclede Gas Company$347,780.44924
Laerdal Medical Corp.$9,380.001
Laerdal Medical Corporation$92,220.6113
Lagermann, Thomas$463.034
Lakenan Insurance$27,851.509
Lakenan Insurance Agency$584,396.0050
Lakenan Insurance of Ste. Genevieve/St.$5,265.002
Lakenan Insurance of Ste. Genevieve/Stl.$8,794.003
Lakeside Roofing Co., Inc.$29,258.001
Lane House Construction, Inc.$545.002
Lang Diversified Industries$1,097.201
Lantos Landscaping, Inc.$1,445.009
Lawn Care Equipment Co.$6,614.257
Lawn Systems, Inc.$9,850.002
Legal Briefings for$98.761
Legal Briefings for Fire Chiefs$187.762
Lemay Concrete Block Co.$64.001
Leo M. Ellebracht Company$89,395.3680
Leon Uniform Company$62,594.58340
Lewis Electric Motor, Inc$312.001
Liberty Art Works, Inc.$4,185.007
LifeLock, Inc.$14,225.002
Lifestyle Health Plans$431.751
Light Bulb Express, Inc.$1,157.048
Lighthouse for the Blind of Fort Worth$1,652.002
LightSquared LP$1,556.3021
Lincoln County Ambulance District$175.001
Line-X of Saint Louis, Inc.$604.001
Lipic's Recognition$1,522.261
LiquidSpring LLC$61.421
Lisa Bonsignore$1,070.711
Lisebeth A. Schnieders$50.001
Local Emergency Training Specialists, LL$5,000.001
LoggerHead Tools LLC$150.001
Lucy M. Stevenson$5.001
M.J. Products$735.002
M.R. Nyren Company$12,053.1821
Maaco Collision Repair$776.751
Maag, Dennis J.$317.583
MABAS Division 32$250.003
MABOI 2007 Conference Registration$275.001
MABOI Membership$105.001
MacQueen Emergency Group$44,892.6237
Main Street Mechanicals - St. Louis$38.681
Marcia Jankowski$200.001
Margaret Ware$760.001
Maria Jankowski$200.001
Marilyn C. Lowery$25.001
Marine Rescue Consultants, LLC$4,810.001
Marion County Ambulance District$50.002
Mark Cook$51.521
Mark H. Ahlheim$70.071
Mark Podjeski Signs$705.003
Mark Torres$450.001
Marque, Inc.$674.362
Marshall & Ilsley$662.002
Marshall & Ilsley Trust Co. NA$8,064.0020
Marshall Wireless$1,570.4218
Martini, Jeffrey$41.501
Marty Becker$214.912
Marvel Printing Company$125.001
Mary Creamer$75.001
Mary Glatzel$86.701
Mary J. Lamb$275.001
Mary Jane Robbins$692.781
Mary K. Amelung$735.001
Maryville University$30,837.5212
MASS Group, Inc.$876.881
Master Communications, Inc.$1,654.493
Mateker Full Service Catering$776.501
Mateker Meat, Deli & Seafood$4,706.802
Mateker's Meat, Deli & Seafood, Inc.$2,813.501
Max Fitness Service, Inc.$694.952
McArthurs Bakery$1,241.5221
McArthurs Party Bakery$716.379
McGrath Consulting Group, Inc.$42,725.002
MCI Printing Inc.$30,583.86107
McMaster-Carr Supply$72.432
McMaster-Carr Supply Co.$439.212
McNeil & Company, Inc.$1,543,973.40102
Medical Air Services Assoc of Florida$176.001
Medical Services Management, Inc.$2,461.182
MEDICLAIMS, INC.$422,666.4237
Mednik Riverbend$3,582.2611
Medtronic Emergency$10,011.467
Medtronic Emergency Response Systems$11,766.1214
Mehlville Fire Protection$3,871.003
Mehlville Fire Protection District$4,529.002
Mehlville Firefighters Local 2665$2,500.001
Meramec Design$340.001
Mercy Corporate Health$48,341.8565
Mercy East$392.282
Mercy Hospital St. Louis$5,041.2512
Mercy Retail Pharmacies$4,697.402
Mercy Specialized Billing Services$150.001
Metro Contracting$3,800.002
Metro Court Reporting,Inc$1,700.104
Metro Electric Supply$3,054.3710
Metro Fire Marshals Assn.$475.0019
Metro Security$1,482.502
Metro St. Louis Sewer$606.199
Metro West Fire Protection District$5,912.143
Metropolitan Fire Marshals Assn.$300.0012
Metropolitan St. Louis Sewer District$129,113.731,119
Meyer Bedding Co.$18,695.9523
Meyer Bedding, LLC$11,872.456
MFPD--Petty Cash$3,671.5923
Michael J. Costa II$360.004
Michael Mueller$772.508
Michael Norris$3,321.004
Michael T. Newman$41.501
Michael Youngblood$360.001
Mickley's Canvas Products, Inc.$175.001
Mid America Drain Service$772.304
Midwest Alarms Plus, Inc.$9,466.002
Midwest Asbestos Abatement Corp.$3,900.001
Midwest Binding Systems$155.501
Midwest Elevator Inspection Services$300.002
Midwest Litigation Services$910.451
Midwest Radio Systems Inc$719.972
Mike Gapsch$7,710.3419
Mike Juengling$95.373
Mike Mueller$565.206
Mike Straussberg$141.502
Mike Zacher$50.001
Miken Technologies$150,280.8741
Milbradt Lawn Equipment$5,759.001
Milford Plumbing Supply$166.873
Milford Supply Co., Inc.$7,105.9769
Millennium Health, Inc.$513.225
Miller Bros Inc.$98.501
Milligan Diesel & Electric$21,097.1918
Milligan Diesel-Electric$36,161.5645
Milliman, Inc.$171,500.4324
Mine Safety Appliances Co.$1,500.003
Minnella, Joseph$41.501
Missouri American Water$150,000.55374
Missouri Assoc. of Fire$2,510.002
Missouri Assoc. of Fire Protection Distr$4,260.003
Missouri Association of$150.001
Missouri Association of Fire Chiefs$2,621.0010
Missouri Chapter IAAI$840.0021
Missouri Chapter IAAI, 2011 Seminar$130.001
Missouri Dept of Natural$300.001
Missouri Division of Employment Securtiy$32,987.2520
Missouri Division of Fire Safety$300.0012
Missouri Ethics Commission$100.001
Missouri Fire & Ambulance$1,370,673.004
Missouri Fire & Ambulance District$5,021,331.0013
Missouri Fire Chaplain Corps$225.002
Missouri Fire Service$290.003
Missouri Lawyers Medi$30.121
Missouri Lawyers Media$11,061.4080
Missouri State Agency for Surplus Proper$302.122
Missouri-American Water$8,116.3352
Mitchell A. Fassler$111.002
MO Vocational Enterprises$415.367
Mobile Mini Storage Solutions$2,411.001
Mobile Power & Hydraulics$33.401
MobileTEK Consulting, LLC$30,303.005
Molitor, Craig$83.881
Monarch Fire Protection District$100.001
Monarch Watch$132.001
Montebello Sales-Service$2,772.0867
Moore Medical, LLC$7,276.5616
Mossotti, Steven$1,419.9013
Motive Parts Company$921.338
Motorola Solutions, Inc.$4,609.021
MPS Industries$3,328.0010
Municipal Emergency Services Depository$892.904
Municipal Emergency Services, Inc.$33.031
Muzak - Gateway River$629.6413
Muzak LLC$6,123.52131
Myers Tire Supply Co.$768.035
Myron Corporation$1,430.883
Napa Auto Parts$165,618.561,437
National City Bank$78,868.025
National Elevator$150.001
National Sales Company$2,613.4711
National Tank Outlet$1,401.001
Nationwide Retirement$636,429.3023
Nationwide Retirement Solutions$49,360.009
Natl Fire Protection Assn$1,713.004
NetCom, Inc.$2,881.501
New Haven Filter Co.$5,142.9931
News-Leader Media Group$562.502
NewSpace Business Interiors$19,170.001
Nextel Communications$57,486.8355
NI Government Services, Inc.$3,506.9347
Nick Klemme$12,190.1420
Nick LaRosa$13,730.008
Nickolas Fahs$123.212
Nik Kimbel$1,919.362
Nikolas Kimbel$5,000.004
North Jefferson County Ambulance Distric$4,377.503
NPN Environmental Engineers, Inc.$3,400.001
Nu Way Concrete Forms$4,330.8944
Nu Way Concrete Forms, Inc.$10,116.5252
O. Voorhees Painting Company$15,490.002
Oakstone Wellness$4,885.606
Octane Fitness$14,281.953
Office Depot Credit Plan$17,493.1886
Office Depot, Inc.$475.532
Office Essentials, Inc.$124,511.74286
Office of the Circuit Clerk$2,440.003
OfficeMax Inc.$224.893
Ogletree, Deakins, Nash,$8,235.693
Old Vienna LLC$728.406
Opal F. Tharp$100.001
Operation First Response, Inc.$500.001
Orlando's Catering$5,926.0516
Orthopedic Associates LLC$162.002
Orthopedic Specialists,PC$762.001
Osage Industries, Inc.$8,113.303
Ositech Communication Inc$401.202
Ositech Communications Inc$208.601
Outdoor Living Inc.$5,324.202
Overhead Door Company$16,925.0426
Ozarc Gas$5,259.0414
Ozark Rescue Suppliers, Inc.$66.061
P'sghetti's Pasta$3,715.8827
P.F.F.I.A. Training Seminar$180.001
Pacific Fire Protection District$25.001
Page, Wolfberg & Wirth LLC$1,349.003
Palmetto GBA-Railroad Medicare$271.561
Paratech, Inc.$200.002
Pat's Custom Boat Covers$11,729.0021
Patricia A. Lewis$106.871
Patricia Pingleton$220.001
Patrick J. Steinway$325.001
Patti Becker$291.002
Paul Conway Shields$877.203
Paul Scherrer$2.101
PAYCHEX-Human Resource Services$2,100.001
PCI Filtration Services, Inc.$963.604
Pediatric Emergency Standards, Inc.$22,997.384
Pella Windows and Doors$451.081
Performance Roofing, Inc.$2,020.005
Personal Assistance Services$34,118.6020
Personal Assistance Services, Inc.$59,745.6031
Personal Best$1,884.144
Pfitzinger Graphics$2,934.0014
Pharmaceutical Credit Corporation$165.001
PHD Technologies, Inc.$281.061
Phillips 66$82.833
Phillips 66 Co./GECRB$37.701
Phillips 66 Co./SYNCB$292.728
Phillips 66-Conoco-76$572.3710
Physio-Control, Inc.$61,976.9070
Pierce Manufacturing Inc.$2,439,058.628
Pigeon Mountain Industries$458.371
Pinnacle Emergency Vehicles$1,580.001
Pioneer Paving & Sealing Co.$5,990.003
Pitney Bowes$1,044.002
Pitney Bowes Inc.$8,648.7918
Pitney Bowes, Inc.$6,923.2115
Plastic Veneers, Inc.$4,680.5010
Platinum Plus for$4,706.972
Plaza Fleet Parts$83,476.51178
PM Leach Painting Co.$22,165.004
PMI Computer Supplies$14,925.3636
Polk Williams$300.001
Positive Promotions Inc.$4,346.036
PowerArc, Inc.$24,584.5366
Powertech Electric, Inc.$3,421.942
PPG Architectural Finishes$622.574
PPG Porter Paints - 9412$672.3310
Prairie Archway International Trucks$114,046.70132
Prairie Archway International Trucks$10,594.6813
Precision Analysis, Inc.$850.002
Precision Fire Apparatus, Inc.$715.002
Premier Promotional Group$1,163.009
Production Steel Co.$1,665.728
Professional Scuba Repair$2,158.8326
Professional Service Industries, Inc.$8,590.002
Progressive Business Publications$378.244
Progressive Resources$4,250.001
Project Resources Group$7,774.481
PRORehab, P.C.$2,500.0010
PRORehab, PC$78,390.0053
Public Agency Training Council$500.001
Public Safety Center, Inc.$175.752
Public Safety Upfitters$664.083
Pulaski Bank$1,824.002
Purcell Tire Company$298,376.63286
Puritan Springs Water$3,528.0647
R&D Batteries, Inc.$393.051
Ramona Fox$48.751
Ray's Tree Service$3,980.001
Raymond W. Absolon, Jr.$10,245.00112
RDJ Specialties, Inc.$1,135.002
RealWheels RWC, Inc.$227.451
Rearview Systems L.L.C.$465.001
Red Wing Shoe Store$528.003
Reinhold Electric Inc$4,284.002
Reis Environmental, Inc.$24,882.217
Reliable Landscaping & Tree Care Inc$435.001
Removed for Privacy Protection$245,475.851,099
Republic Services #346$703.6820
Rescue Repair, Inc.$621,702.411,046
Rescue Technology$1,192.054
Reserve Account$10,500.0011
Responder PSE$446.162
Rexel Electrical & Datacom Products$442.562
Richard E. Bennett$89.421
Richard Link$116.961
Ricoh USA, Inc.$8,904.516
Right Choice Benefit Administrators$323.751
Riley Electric Co.$475.001
RJ Kool Company, Inc.$6,042.003
Roadmaster, Inc.$259.474
Rob Parker$212.502
Robert Bowan$250.001
Robert C. Becker TRS$93.191
Robert Grothaus$72.601
Robert Half Finance & Accounting$26,550.003
Robert Hargett$735.001
Robert Hargrave$16.361
Robert Kurtz$880.001
Robert L. Duncan$727.501
Robert Parker$221.302
Robin Goede$1,241.828
Rock Community Fire Protection Dist.$600.001
Rock Reef Diving Company$6,370.006
Rock Township Ambulance District$200.002
Roco Rescue$18,309.501
Roland Therina$3,602.138
Roman Stolarski$8,541.9117
Ron Harder$174.251
Rosen Centre Hotel$743.141
Ross Industries, Inc.$23,056.959
Royale Orleans$250.001
Runge Painting Company$2,695.002
Rural Carrier Benefit Plan$79.921
Russo's Gourmet Catering$11,656.1234
Ryan Abernathy$10,721.5017
Ryan Russell$179.002
Safe Kids St. Louis$575.002
Safety and Fire$225.001
Safety and Fire Exchange, LLC$8,780.001
Safety Basics LLC$180.001
Safety Gear Corporation$642.271
Safety-Kleen Systems, Inc.$13,385.0646
Saline Valley Fire Protection District$1,606.004
Sam's Club$84,473.21110
Samaco Supply$483.442
Sampson Partners LLC$15,839.002
Sampson Partners LLC dba Tactical Fitnes$14,145.002
Samuel D. Orlando$712.501
Samuel K. Marcus$470.001
Sappington Equipment Co.$4,619.231
Satellite Outdoor Services, Inc.$14,410.005
Satow & Associates$1,012.582
SBP Image Solutions, Inc.$2,503.025
SCD Services$879.003
SCD Services, Inc.$80.002
Scene of the Accident, Inc.$225.003
Schaeffer Electric Company, Inc.$39,130.002
Schnuck Markets, Inc.$2,305.5111
Schuhmacher Fire$29,385.7182
Schuhmacher Fire Equipment LLC$522,470.30699
Schuyler Corporation$48,000.001
SCI Engineering, Inc.$32,019.4033
Scot Sanders$50.001
Scott Byrne$570.001
Scott Marcee$116.163
Seafoam Media$4,014.958
Sears Commercial One$13,069.5550
SEFAC Lift & Equipment$5,783.106
SEFAC USA, Inc.$3,754.602
Sentec, Inc$2,673.076
Sentinel Emergency Solutions$146,183.1193
Session Fixture Company$5,964.5955
Shady Valley Fire Protection District$540.001
Share Corporation$585.891
Sharon Rhodes$1,762.281
Shell Fleet Plus$1,882.3918
Sieveking Inc.$526,537.38702
Sinclair Buick-GMC Truck$100.001
Sinks, Glen$120.842
SiteOne Landscape Supply, LLC$6.221
SkillPath Seminars$398.001
SkyTerra LP$875.2311
SLRTCA-East Central EMS Commitee$335.005
Smeal Fire Apparatus Co$234,900.001
Snap-on Industrial$9,184.6543
Society for Human$210.001
Society for Human Resource Management$2,202.0012
Solar Ocean 2, LLC$3,150.0018
SonicWALL Services$685.001
South County Chamber$4,162.4043
South County Chamber of Commerce$5,521.0054
South County Fire Alarm$3,872,006.7172
South County Police Business Assoc.$2,000.009
Southtown Dodge, Inc.$2,128.034
Space Advantages-Murphy Bed Center$16,853.002
Spinning Designs, Inc.$282.001
Spiritus Consultants, LLC$6,403.578
Spirtas Wrecking Co.$104,360.003
Squire Services$3,000.001
SRT Supply$4,067.401
SSM Cardinal Glennon Children's Hospital$800.002
SSM Cardinal Glennon Medical Center$3,150.009
SSM Medical Group$249.001
SSM St. Clare Health Center$6,654.962
St. Anthony's Emergency Dept.$424,051.13114
St. Anthony's Medical Center$83,076.94114
St. Anthony's Medical Ctr$25,874.0032
St. Charles County Ambulance District$1,864.005
St. Clair/Monroe Co. Fire Chiefs Assoc.$300.006
St. John's Mercy Corporate Health$165,929.8729
St. John's Mercy Medical$460.002
St. John's Mercy Medical Center$6,857.6625
St. Joseph's Hospital-Kirkwood$150.001
St. Louis American Newspaper$5,973.6325
St. Louis Area Maps, Inc.$7,332.5015
St. Louis Automatic Sprinkler Co.$5,970.0016
St. Louis Business Journal$262.363
St. Louis Childrens Hospital$400.001
St. Louis Co Fire Academy$95,520.0010
St. Louis Co Fire Academy, Inc.$69,100.0016
St. Louis Co. Hazmat Team$4,170.078
St. Louis Co. Special Operations Team$4,250.007
St. Louis Co. Treasurer$1,351.0014
St. Louis County$79,980.382
St. Louis County Treasurer$2,272.0023
St. Louis County, MO$500.001
St. Louis Electronics$7,150.064
St. Louis Embroidery$23,933.9177
St. Louis Invstgtn & Process Service$389.601
St. Louis Metro Fire Marshals Assoc.$300.001
St. Louis Metropolitan Fire Marshal's As$15.001
St. Louis Post-Dispatch$64,602.9061
St. Louis Recharge$72.251
St. Louis Recharge & Fire Control$20,735.67139
St. Louis Roofing Co., Inc.$350.001
St. Louis Sewerworks, Inc.$47,704.007
St. Louis Spring Co.$3,516.786
St. Louis University$3,900.001
St.Louis Metro Fire Dist Alliance$2,100.005
Standard Insurance$149,631.6220
Standard Insurance Company$424,159.2359
Starbeam Supply Co.$12,614.9151
Stat Packs$207.041
State Industrial Products$426.913
Stephanie Johnson$493.131
Stephen Robbins$1,250.001
Stephens Publishing Company$2,132.006
Stericycle, Inc.$3,105.1211
Sterling Textile & Drapery, Inc.$655.072
Steve Bladdick$903.114
Steven R. Carroll & Associates$150,512.0061
Stiern Laser, Inc.$80.002
Stone Eagle Services, Inc.$56.401
Stormwater STL, LLC$4,250.006
Stroud Safety Appparel, LLC$1,010.004
Stryker Sales Corporation$149,490.619
Studio 2108$3,900.003
Suburban Journals$3,246.285
Sue C. Young$86.841
Sue Kaiser$41.801
Sullivan Fire Protection District$400.004
Sunset Auto Company, Inc.$5,133.2639
Sunset Ford$8,871.5331
Superior Elevator Inspections$350.002
Superior Industral Supply$16,775.12111
Superior Industrial Supply$2,442.3420
Susan M. Beckering$100.001
T.A.W. Promotions, Inc.$30,465.0011
TAB Products Company$939.483
TAB St. Louis$322.341
Tammy Placke$720.001
Taylor Truck & Auto Repair llc.$1,695.462
Team Pro, Inc.$7,514.0049
Tech Electronics$8,250.6514
Tech Support, Inc.$91,791.69135
Tek Collect$12,000.001
Tek-Collect, Inc.$75.001
Teleflex Medical$12,692.5010
Teresa Cross$3,647.7017
Terminal Supply Co.$4,764.1412
Terry Wehrman$34.181
The BackStoppers$4,255.0016
The BackStoppers, Inc.$6,010.009
The CAD Zone, Inc.$3,300.001
The Countian - St. Louis$362.011
The Daily Dispatch$1,275.006
The Daniel and Henry Co.$1,975.0017
The Fire Products Co.$619.423
The Fishin Hole$2,593.154
The Gear Box$4,080.423
The Great Frame Up$1,678.552
The Heartland Institute$99.001
The HIPPA E-Tool$1,200.002
The Phoenix Group$498.262
The Rawlings Company$1,012.752
The St. Louis American Newspaper$2,285.006
The Top Shop$970.006
The Work Center$770.001
The Youth's Safety Company$6,012.7310
Thelma Detwiler$43.641
Therina, Roland$39.001
Thomas L. Hilderbrand$69.241
Thomas R. Elders$650.811
Thomas Viviano$6,416.384
Thompson Coburn LLP$40,264.9624
ThyssenKrupp Elevator$5,808.328
ThyssenKrupp Elevator Corp.$22,597.8429
Tim Block$6,968.156
TIM co, LLC$12,876.0043
Tim Dempsey$2,907.326
Tim Geiss$469.743
Tim Reinhold Enterprises, LLC$140.001
Time & Data Solutions$487.782
Timothy Hunn$704.601
Timothy J. White$1,999.8310
Timothy K Haegele$30.001
Timothy L. Streib$332.502
Tina Mecey$1,033.028
Tina Seitzinger$50.001
Todd Besancenez$2,064.3515
Tom Daniels$137.293
Tom Frasca$893.108
Tom Gardner$400.002
Toshiba Financial Services$17,210.0139
Tower Technology, Inc.$1,450.001
Towers Fire Apparatus Co.$248,949.01146
Towers Fire Apparatus, Inc.$413,152.838
Tractor Trailer Supply Co.$10,390.6323
Tractor-Trailer Supply Co$117.442
Tractor-Trailer Supply Inc.$5,714.5512
Trademark Creative$713.211
Trailer Express, Inc.$3,124.001
TrailersPlus Saint Louis$1,859.001
Travelers Casualty & Surety Co. of Ameri$15,000.001
Treasurer, St. Louis County$2,659.505
Treetop Enterprises Inc.$3,136.2515
Trench Shoring Services$1,200.001
Tri County Training$450.005
Tri-Anim Health Services$25,235.2746
Triad Manufacturing Inc.$752.501
Tricare North Region$328.351
Trident Rescue LLC$7,570.0014
Troutt & Sons, Inc.$70,723.994
Truck Centers, Inc.$10,904.7862
TruGreen - 4590$3,413.0020
TruGreen - 5590$28,960.54215
TruGreen Processing Center$6,595.5067
TSI Incorporated$1,718.032
Twin City Honda$14,730.001
Tyler Business Forms$943.579
Tyler Robinson$574.136
Tyler Technologies, Inc.$35,758.6821
U.S. Postal Service$14,000.0014
U.S. Title Company$10,000.001
UL LLC$31,405.006
UMB Bank$4,650.252
UMB Bank N.A.$10,495.705
UMB Bank, N.A.$9,656.005
Underwriters Laboratories$1,750.001
Underwriters Laboratories Inc.$22,800.0010
Unifire Power Blowers, Inc.$1,410.403
Unique Truck Equipment, Inc.$2,189.862
United Construction Ent. Co., Inc.$1,323,437.4610
United Glass Co.$438.322
United HealthCare$212,171.7144
United Healthcare - Richardson$6.001
United HealthCare Insurance Co.$2,906,689.3448
United HealthCare Medicare$688.022
United HealthCare Services Inc.$333.942
United Refrigeration Inc.$5,811.4742
United Refrigeration, Inc.$7,192.3537
United States Arbitration & Mediation$800.001
United Way of St. Louis$1,014.0012
United Wellness Group, LLC$1,750.002
United Wellness Group, LP$6,402.005
Unity Corporate Health$44,662.504
Universal, Inc.$6,830.3017
University of Missouri$4,410.008
University of Missouri-Columbia AR$20,682.5011
Unum Life Insurance Co. of America$497,445.85116
US Imaging Midwest, LLC$32,754.164
US POSTAL SVC (CMRS-FP)$11,000.0011
USA Mobility Wireless, Inc.$5,604.3032
USAA Garrison Property & Casualty Inc Co$727.501
Valle Ambulance District$150.001
Valvoline Instant Oil$9,769.6566
Vanguard Truck Center of St. Louis$2,512.6210
Velocitor Solutions$3,448.461
Veolia ES Solid Waste Midwest, LLC$1,072.5821
Verde Environmental Technologies, Inc.$776.001
Veritext Corp$245.501
Verizon Wireless$204,725.89205
Veterans Administration$450.961
Vidacare Corporation$20,450.8720
Vision Service Plan$62,702.7036
Vjollca Isufaj$2,339.401
Voss Lighting$11,452.4754
W L Construction Supply$419.991
Wachter, Inc.$5,234.502
Walter Gray Tuckpointing$652.001
Ward Diesel Filter Systems$881.842
Warehouse of Fixtures TNG$497.002
Warner Communications Corp.$400.001
Warren County Ambulance District$100.001
Waser, David$67.832
Washington Co. Ambulance Dist.$18,700.004
Water-Tech Irrigation, Inc.$10,936.195
Waterous Company$2,915.076
Weddle Tool Company, Inc.$1,571.832
Weir Chevrolet$746.093
Weir Ford LLC$7,082.987
Weir Wholesale$98,653.034
West Bend Mutual Insurance Company$50.001
West County EMS & Fire$2,220.004
Western Fire Chiefs' Association$200.001
Western Shelter$93.001
WEX Bank$4,631.2126
Wheeled Coach Industries$808.614
Wheeled Coach Industries, Inc.$10,027.9538
Whelen Engineering Co.$75.001
White Bear Rescue Training Center$555.001
Wiese USA$6,652.173
Wilfredo Hernandez$245.001
Will Cassidy$300.753
William DeClue$557.991
William H. Murphy$420.251
Wilson, Thomas$60.811
Wireless USA$60,192.78223
Wm. G. Cocos Co. Inc.$12,566.1710
Wood-Smith Steel Supply Company, Inc.$470.002
Working Fire Training$947.003
WorkPlace Partners$175.004
WorkPlace Partners, Inc.$8,250.0042
World Wide Technology Inc$38,483.9523
World Wide Technology, Inc.$21,192.217
WorldPoint ECC, Inc.$289.751
WPS GHA$4,521.4614
WPS Tricare Administration$98.041
WPS-MAC J5 Part B$339.311
Xerox Government Systems, LLC$2,810.002
Y KIKI Divers$424.003
Zep Manufacturing Company$1,709.2112
Zep Sales & Service$2,437.1013
Zephyr Industries, Inc.$32.561
Zipp Express$1,905.8184
Zocklein & Associates$349.001
ZOLL Medical Corporation$399,356.31222
Zomo Health, LLC$7,575.755
Zumwalt Corporation$78,332.6278
Total $71,376,251.55 34,866