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Vendor Item Description Expenditures Transactions
Snap-on Industrial1/2" IMPACT WRENCH-SHOP$180.471
Snap-on IndustrialA/C GAUGES/TOOLS-SHOP$334.001
Snap-on IndustrialANTIFREEZE TESTERS$45.681
Snap-on IndustrialBRAKE CALIPER TOOL$47.101
Snap-on IndustrialCABLE FOR SHOP DIAGNOSTICS$704.151
Snap-on IndustrialCORROSION INHIBITOR$100.771
Snap-on IndustrialELECTRICAL TEST-ALL EQUIPMENT$1,222.721
Snap-on IndustrialHOSE CLAMP PLIERS$84.991
Snap-on IndustrialIMPACT SOCKET FOR SHOP$20.041
Snap-on IndustrialIMPACT TOOLS FOR SHOP$240.721
Snap-on IndustrialIMPACT WRENCH FOR SHOP$610.441
Snap-on IndustrialIMPACT WRENCH-SHOP$281.271
Snap-on IndustrialLEADS-ELECTRICAL TEST METER$37.161
Snap-on IndustrialREPAIR VOLT/AMP TESTER$262.001
Snap-on IndustrialSHOP SUPPLIES$76.321
Snap-on IndustrialSHOP TOOLS$456.581
Snap-on IndustrialTOOL BOX #1213-1708$1,773.021
Snap-on IndustrialTOOL SET FOR EQUIPMENT$89.601
Snap-on IndustrialTOOL-SHOP$499.653
Snap-on IndustrialTOOLS FOR SHOP$118.802
Snap-on IndustrialTOOLS-SHOP$1,863.1719
Snap-on IndustrialWELDING SURGE PROTECTORS$136.001
Total $9,184.65 43