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Vendor Item Description Expenditures Transactions
Physio-Control, Inc.12-LEAD ECG PATIENT CABLE$2,186.985
Physio-Control, Inc.BLOOD PRESSURE CUFFS$58.301
Physio-Control, Inc.CREDIT INVOICE$-46.581
Physio-Control, Inc.LIFEPAK 12 BATTERIES$18,824.4910
Physio-Control, Inc.LIFEPAK 12 BATTERIES/MISC$3,643.001
Physio-Control, Inc.LIFEPAK BATTERY ASSEMBLIES$1,223.341
Physio-Control, Inc.LIFEPAK NICD BATTERY ASSY$1,187.731
Physio-Control, Inc.LP-12 BACK POUCH$395.231
Physio-Control, Inc.LP-12 CARRY CASE/SCREEN SHIELD$496.401
Physio-Control, Inc.MISC MEDICAL SUPPLIES$26,007.0144
Physio-Control, Inc.MODEM REPAIR-LIFEPAK 12$247.001
Physio-Control, Inc.MONITOR-DEFIB MAINT$620.001
Physio-Control, Inc.REPAIRS-LIFEPAK 12$225.001
Physio-Control, Inc.UPGRADE INTERNET SYSTEM-LP12$6,909.001
Total $61,976.90 70